3D Visualization

All You Ever Wanted To Know About 3D Visualization

It’s All 3D !


Three-dimensional visualization, commonly better known as 3D visualization, is the process of creating and displaying computer generated imagery (CGI), of objects or scenes, using computer software.

These softwares are specially programmed to generate computer files, containing, often extensive, information about objects in 3D space.

For many it is quite hard to first imagine how to actually make a 3D model. Let alone to animate a mesh figure.

It’s a Mesh!


A Mesh figure, you say? What is a Mesh? A ‘mesh’ is a term describing a 3D object, in 3D space.

We can add different adjectives to a mesh; A bad mesh, an ill-built mesh, an perfect mesh.

Even re-meshing is a term, meaning: to build anew, to rebuild. In this task the aim is to improve the mesh, to make it more economical and-or more attractive.

3D – The Hype


Always being hyped-high, 3D only for the last few years is getting closer to its true potential.

Where 25 years ago 3D viz was truly groundbreaking and ‘new’, when markets where, while wide-open, still hesitant to adopt this new technology.

The 3D visualization and 3D animation technologies have become an essential tool in many industries, including architecture, engineering, product design. And surely not be underestimated, as it’s often a driving force to new developments: The entertainment industry, like movies and computer games.

Immersive 3D


3D visualization can be used to create virtual simulations of real-world scenarios. It gives us the power to create realistic and immersive experiences.

For example, architects can use 3D visualization to create detailed models of buildings far before construction begins. Allowing them to identify and address any potential issues beforehand.

Movie-makers of today wouldn’t shy away to make a full CGI generated movie, where only the actors would still be real humans. Unless of course they need to fly, shrink, grow, get hit by a car, or… drop off a cliff.

Where movies used to rely on finding the fitting physical locations, and location-scouts to find them, weather conditions to cooperate, now, many of these constraints can now be overcome, digitally.

Product Design


In product design, 3D visualization is used to create realistic models of products that can be used for prototyping, testing & marketing purposes.

This gives your customers to chance to quickly view design versions, evaluate options and make changes to the designs. Where there used to be the need to produce expensive physical prototypes, nowadays, this is much more efficient.

Complexity Demystified


3D Visualization lends us the power to communicate complex ideas, design concepts, even, if we have enough data to start from, predict events or behaviour.

Using 3D as a tool to reshape this data into a visual representation, our understanding of proposed plans and their place in the real world, becomes much easier to understand.

Especially working fields like Science and Medicine profit of these god-like powers immensely. These fields, often built-around complex data streams, use 3D visualization to envision complex data structures, and relations.

Entertain or Perish!


Environments, characters, objects, situations, even ‘states of being’ can be manipulated with relative ease, these days.

Through the use of 3D we are able to create immersive experiences, that heavily rely on special effects, ‘green screens’, and a deep understanding of the world around us, by the 3D designers.

Without 3D visualization the entertainment industry of today would simply not exist. A few examples of how 3D is used are:

The News: Intro, Outtro, possibly even the whole ‘studio’ we see the presenters in.

Music Videos: Backgrounds, Locations, even clothing can be manipulated easily.

Architecture: Here 3D is used to rally investors, buyers and law makers.

Advertising: Specially in this area, one can hardly ever ‘believe what we see as truth. Advertisers go to great lengths to keep relevant, keep surprising, keep entertaining.


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